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  1. LOL there’s one time a girl took a picture of her in her bathroom, you could see a huge ass turd in the toilet.

  2. And what sucks is that when the pic was done taken, you can tell this guy didnt get any reparations for the wet shirt. “oops im sorry, LOL im sooo sorry… hey jenni…” Leaving the poor guy alone 20% pissed, 30% humiliated and 50% horny as fuck… Target self cock block FAIL

  3. I wouldnt let that girl even suck my *****, she is ugly as hell D:
    and the guy is a big loser that didnt say nothing for ruining the photo

    1. Get a life, grow a pair. Just because you suck at having fun and won’t have any wild memories to look back on when you’re older doesn’t mean you should be bitter to other people.

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