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  1. i see the guy moving fingers and mouse so pbly is a FPS u barely can do something if the guy is in a respawn area…also almost only FPS allow attack teammates rpg mmos never do that like WoW

  2. What a great way to start a day heh ;).The mother is irresponsible as well.Letting your kid scream in front of computer like that is not normal.I would just ban him from computer every time I would caught him raging at games.

      I laughed so much, I chocked on some watermelon. And I wasnt eating watermelon 😐 Im serious

  3. Are these the same kids in the WOW fail?? This kid really REALLY is a fail at life. He’ll eat someone else’s first born child, but lets all pray to God that HE doesn’t reproduce…fuckin kids these days.

  4. I’m gonna eat your first born child… And maybe I’ll come back and eat your second born too if I’m still hungry

  5. that waz one smart dog 2 leave. that guy is cray. dude keep makin ur video ur brother is crazy!! u rock man

  6. I love this retarded psychopath! He is going to be a serial killer when he “grows up”. That mother though, I would think, should ban all electronics from her household. Woot to the outdoors!! And a little ritalin!

  7. Anyone else realize that the screen looks nothing like a game where you can be betrayed? Looks more like a website to me.

  8. he sounds like the pussy on youtube getting a tattoo and screaming every time the artist touched his skin with the tattoo gun.

  9. I feel sorry for the dog. He should run far, far away to a good home with kids that will actually play with him outdoors.

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