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    1. jajajajajaaajajaajajajajaj wtfffffffffffffffff jajajajajaja si q haci q vas bien jajajaajaj y que te paso hay fue la mascara o no te deja ver tus ojos jajajaaj q mal contra contra no vistes el tv xd q es eso coñó q alquien me explique nonononono no quiero saber nada por q eso es una retardacion como carajo vaz a bailar con una mascara puesta solo te digo q sirves en el campo de rock vez te paso eso por q te llego el poder del rock vez lo sabia no sirves en ese campo de baile vete a un concierto de slipnot jajjaaj seria mejor q eso xddddddddddddddddddddd q carajo

    2. and go to the band of slipknot wtffffffffffffffff faillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll xd wtf

    3. eman. dude, fuck off. you dont like it, dont do it. Every child has a mother. her momma would kick your ass if she heard bout you.

  1. Hmm the head hit seemed like a win because it stopped her terrible dancing. Also she didn’t bother to turn off the TV. And wtf is up with the mask?

    1. The hidiously ugly bitch was afraid of cracking her camera lense hense the mask, but my got what a mispropotions behimith, ugh im glad to see that

  2. Hahaha I thought this video was gonna be gay, but then BAM!!!!!!! with the head. That was unexpected!! Funny as hell! LOL she was really crying!!

  3. Wow. “And all I saw were eyes and teeth! not whites not whites takin over my town not whites when i look around” I didnt even see her she’s so black

    1. WTF should we judge her on?
      Dancing skills?
      Choice of attire?
      Everything in this vid is fail.
      The fact that she’s a hideous wildebeast is just icing on the cake.

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