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    1. un consejo un consejo si te crees cool boracha mecate un tiro ok ok ahora mi opinion como carajo tu q no estasnada de consiente vaz a ponerte a bailar eso fue peor q la rockera frustra del video anterior xd unanse q hay esta la fuckin banda dos rockeras frustra una q llora y otra q cabezea mas fuerte y se lanza al publico jjaajajajaj xd q fuckin faillllllllllllllllllll

  1. Did she say READDDYYYY IN THE FACE?? She predicted her own passing out face smash?

    pretty much. yeah.

    did she died?

    1. Dude I don’t know what’s worse…You’re spelling, or the fact you knew you fucked that up and didn’t correct it before submitting. LIFE FAIL.

  2. I think the lady said “ready in the place” indicating she was going to “get down with it” but instead all she got was floor. and yes she never got back up 🙁

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