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  1. If you actually get past the tedious 1:10 of nothingness, it turns into quite a good little clip

  2. seems to me like it was fake… i mean of all the train cars to put a camera on it was that one… and the fact that it ACTUALLY happened… idk just seems to prepared…

    1. um it was not fake the train went through a tornado.And ive seen the clip before.whats up with everybody saying fake ?

  3. Well it looks to me like someone hammered on the throttle before going around a corner and let off half way thru rofl!

  4. I had the joke in my head as I watched this, of making a claim that it was a fake. Sometimes People are too guarded about things they see on the net. I would assume this is a real video, Where as the Cheap horrible WOW freakouts, are fake. But jeez… I don’t think there is an affordable CGI video program out there, that could fake that. good luck in life “Uh huh”

  5. nice Blake! Not fake. I dont know anyone who has a tornado in their ass to pull out whenever they want to make a cool vid or a fuckin train sittin in the backyard to wreck.

  6. Looks to me as though the footage is from a closed-circuit camera provided for the driver to see the train behind the locomotive. If you pay attention during the early part of the clip to what’s going on to the left of the access ladder, you can see quite a lot of smoke from early on, followed by a burst of debris shortly before the derailment. My guess is that the wagon had a seized brake which caused the wheel to heat up and disintegrate.

    1. I see no smoke. Based on the debris flying around in the background, the rainfall, and the trees being blown over, I would say that the extreme weather theory is most likely.

  7. really that could have just been a camera in the oftenly reverse facing engine connected directly behind the driving engine and it just happened that day that something screwed up and not at all fake >.<

  8. Real video….Most locomotives have cameras looking out of the cab windows. They use the video in court cases (to prove some idiot tried to beat the train through the crossing usually).
    I worked for Union Pacific in Tx & Ok, and these “Blow-overs” have happened several times as well as one train that was hit by an F5 tornado in a midwestern state that the cars were actually picked up and thrown several hundred yards away.

    1. I have a question then. Don’t twisters sound like trains? If you’re already driving a train, how do you know a when a twister is coming?

  9. in this day of video everything is really that hard for you people to think they don’t video everything that happens? I mean would you have clicked on it if it said 10 minutes of the same train car bouncing?

  10. Definitely too much wind. You see the trees blowing over. The crazy thing is, it was like all of a sudden then just disappeared.

    That must have been crazy. Do you know how heavy those cars are? I would have shit myself when I saw that tanker car coming up behind me.

    They should make it so that when a car derails that it disengages, this way it doesn’t take more cars with it.

  11. The camera was on the locomotive. And if the cars were to disengage, the cars would slide further and further away from the track, causing even more collateral damage. The cars themselves were most likely empty making them even more top heavy and succeptable to wind. Best guess is that Jerzey is right, the wind took it over.

  12. People put cameras up to protect there $1000 worth of stuff, You don’t think for liability alone, they are going to put it on a train that can be worth millions of dollars?

  13. Behold the wrath of mother nature. We get our fair share of tornados where I live and this vid is not surprising. I’ve seen entire towns flattened.

  14. Yeah I saw this before too. That is not fake at all. The conductor is pretty damn lucky the train didn’t fly through the air!

  15. Not too sure what was in the taker that crashed agaisnt the head car but for sure if it was fuel that could have been worse…

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