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  1. Thats why you don’t mess with a snapping turtle. I’ve acidently caught many turtles like that, and every time I was smart enough to cut the line about 3 feet away from the turtles mouth.

    1. Apparently, I someone in that group (I believe it was the woman holding the turtle) agreed with you, I distinctly heard someone mention the word pliers right before that guy decided to stick his finger in the turtle’s mouth like an idiot lol.

  2. That’s why people with any common sense should’n fool around with wild animals.
    Wild animals, despite what some morons might think, don’t like to be played with.

  3. They can stick their neck out about a third the length of their shells, and very quickly. They are not to be trifled with. However, they are not bad eating. I bet that guy is a bit more careful in the future……

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