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  1. i mean its not that big a fail. he will be there its his funeral after all. he’ll most likely be the one in the gold plated box.

  2. he might have prepared a tape to be plaid at his funereal. who knows what famous people do. i didnt watch it so i dont know i should look it up

  3. it’s not a list of performers. this, like most other online posts is something seen at the bottom of an article which mentions specific people. they are links to search engine entries on those people. NOT performers.

  4. The reason the name is up there is because god will turn him into a zombie for him to do his final thriller then to return back to whereever he ended up.

  5. It’s not such a big fail. Maybe it’s just someone who will (try to) sing & dance like him like a memorial or so. I think it’s more likely an uploader fail.

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