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  1. One of the two man tools used well.

    If it is stuck and should be loose, use WD-40

    If it is loose and should be stuck, use Duct Tape

    1. She is not laying on the flooe. The tip of the window shade turner thingie is at the top right, and you see a door on the left.

  2. No your supposed to use a staple gun. That will stop the little bugger from getting away. LOL At least that’s what my mum says.

    1. i noticed. at least it wasn’t the other way around. i call this a win. it’s a warning to the child. i wonder what the duck did.

    1. oh for fuck sake shut up, thats not child abuse, ive seen stuff like this on americas funniest home videos, calm down. obviously the child is not coming to any harm. People are too damn crazy calling every damn thing child abuse

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