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  1. I hope you used protection…I would hate to think your computers caught a virus from unprotected sex….hahaha

    1. Wtf a morph between a human and a computer 😮 must be a Killer robot who infects us all with aids or stuff like that

  2. I could go either way with the Stupid on this one. My hope is that it is a joke. I think I have to just hold onto that hope, or start wishing for a plague of zombies to sweep down upon the nation.

    1. yeah, when people are acting that stupid you remember we don’t apply to the rules of natural selection anymore.

  3. I can not believe that people can think this way. IF we could get preg from an orgasm, us women would not NEED men. Sperm can NOT travel that far through wires!!

    1. w.t.f? i think i just spotted the first ever comment fail on this website.

      what do yo mean it cant travel THAT far through wires?
      sorry but your just as bad as this guy

    2. it’s just the irony that a male scientist found a way to artificially pregnate a female without a male specimen, or so I’ve heard.

  4. how old is this guy? 11? 12? Geez. If he’s seriously asking THAT i dont see how he set up the webcam unless he had someone else do it for him.

  5. Humanity is fucking doomed if there is a female like this guy out there and they somehow breed (not through computers lol) because upon fertilization, the sheer retardedness that is in their gametes will open a black hole when they meet and we’ll be fuckin history. Please sterilize these people. I’m not kidding.

  6. thanks for making texas look bad a**hole. you are straight retarded. pregnant from cybersex? really? come on man. you jump off a bridge and NEVER REPRODUCE! PLEASE!

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