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  1. The owner should feed his offspring to the snake, otherwise we’re going to be supporting another future dumbass.

    1. I do find it a win, but I also think that the parents are total retards if they’re doing that to their baby. I think people should have to take an intelligence test if they want to have kids. Failures should be fixed like the animals that are smarter than them.

  2. WOW! EPIC FAIL X 2. Letting a snake on your child. Taking a picture of a snake on your child, and somehow letting it get on the internetz (I know I spelled that wrong).

    1. Ow look honey! Irene’s cuddling the baby! oow how sweet, let take a picture of it and put it on the internet…
      Mentally challenged people! Why have children if you’re not going to take care of them? So many irresponsable people…

    2. It is amazing how you need a license or a permit for so many things but you don’t need anything to become a parent. ANYONE can do it.

  3. I could see if it was a little grass snake or something but wtf is wrong with these parents? It’s borderline insane to have a snake on a baby if the snake is a constrictor (which it most likely is, being that it’s a house pet). Does anyone know what type of snake this is?

    1. its not a ball python you idiot…have you ever heard of a ball python getting over about 4 feet. your an idiot. the snake seems tame and im sure the owners have had that snake for years and know its mentality. its a big snake which means its a few years old.

  4. I hope that this is not the baby that was killed because the snack wrapped itself around the baby!!! Some people just need to be taken out back and severely beaten.

    1. have you ever owned any snakes in your obviously short life time? Snakes and pit bulls are the same. Everyone thinks they are f***ing monsters. I’m sure the parents know their own snake. Just because you put a snake on a baby doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had 2 17feet burmese pythons that were tame and i knew that snake enough to bring him to my little nieces bday party and let the kids play with it

  5. I guess they can’t afford rabbits to feed that snake. those parents are living proof that their needs to be more chlorine added to the gene pool.

  6. um, this is kinda disturbing…hope this isn’t the baby that was killed by a snake a few months ago. This is really sad. Major parenting fail.

  7. oh wow..theres nothing i could add about this parents…
    on a side note..i have the same pillow case as the one in the right..>->…
    i share an idiot’s pillow case..T-T

    1. Hahah holy shit, I think I have that pillow case as well.
      I hope that snake turns around & decides to slowly wrap itself around whoever took the picture and strangle them.

  8. my parents had this same breed of sname (burmese python) when i was only a baby and i grew up with it for the first 12 years of my life. it was over 18feet long when it died i was 12. but it never hurt anyone and we would take it to public parks and people would be around it ALL the time with it around them and even as i was a baby. they eat twice a month. and if you actually knew anything you would know this breed of snake is one of the most docile. so get the facts before you start saying how stupid the parents are.

    1. If your parents even took a CHANCE with your safety than YOU HAVE BAD PARENTS!!!!! GOOD parents do NOT risk their children’s safety no matter HOW beloved the pet, snake, dog, cat, or otherwise!

    2. I agree. No matter how tame it is, it’s still an animal, and if it feels threatened it will attack. The baby could easily have squeezed it wrong or something like they usually do to pets, and the snake could have bitten it, let alone started to squeeze.

    3. p.s. however, I don’t really feel the same about dogs and cats…parents just need to supervise their baby around them and teach them how to not grab/pet the dog/cat wrongly so it doesn’t bite them and hurt them.

    4. wats wrong with you OUTRAGED PARENT? got a shift problem besides when i do that with my snake and baby my snake just hugs my baby really tight till the baby falls asleep:D its so cute LOL

    5. “outraged parent” obviously has control issues…whats wrong did your daughter have sex before you wanted her to? Bad parents?…really your going to say they are bad because they let him play with the snake at a young age? Did your family pet ever bite one of your kids? If so then your a horrible fucking parent for having such a bad tamed animal you loser. Own a snake before you open your control freak mouth!!!

  9. SO OUTRAGED PARENT. You dont let your family dog,cat,rasbbit whatever be around your baby? SO a parent is irresponsible if their dog is around a baby. WTH you need to get your priorities straight.

  10. I was bought up with several snakes, indian pytons included, but my parents NEVER did this. I also have a 7ft boa constrictor, who is incredibly tame. But again, I would NEVER do this to my daughter, so chillout, don’t shout and scream at people cause they think that the parents are stupid…… because they bloody well are!!!!!

  11. Snakes only really attack when they are cornered or feel cornered by a much larger animal. They only constrict and kill what they want to eat. Captive adult pythons (like the one in the picture) will never, or extremely rarely bite humans. They have very good sense of smell and know the difference between food and people. This appears to be a ball python, called so because of its tendency to roll itself into a ball when they are stressed (rather than attack). You can see this snake is very docile and relaxed. I seriously doubt the kid would be in any danger at all.

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