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  1. This is a type of sandwich called “TORTA” which uses the meat also used in tacos. You can usually find these signs around street side taco vendors in large hispanic communities. Since these taco vendors use the meat in this sandwich they use a picture of a “TORTA” to tell the public these sandwiches are also sold at these vendors. These sandwiches are made of the different types of meat these vendors offer which is also used in the tacos. Very good if you love mexican food. I recommend the rice water with these tacos or “TORTAS”.

  2. I don’t see any fail, on the contrary that sign would get my mouth all watery, I’d run to that store to get one.

  3. :O TOCCCOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait wHAT THE F***K THATS NO TOCO I NO A TOCCO WHEEN I C ONE IM MEXICAN :p LOL

    1. A Navajo taco is made with a bread bowl using Navajo fry bread and is put together like a taco salad. You fail.

    1. IT clearly states that the fact the TORTA is not a Taco cause if you look at the bottom there is an arrow pointing to the right side and there is Tacos at the top further more stating that that isn’t a Taco.

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