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  1. That’s how you spell surprise so I don’t understand this one. Is there something in the picture we’re missing here?

    1. you go inside, sit on a chair infront of an auto baseball launcher, and wait to see what you get

  2. The FAIL is in the store name itself. ‘Surprise’ isn’t the best word to use when concerning food. People like to know what they are about to eat

  3. This week only when you come down to Surprise get our surprise doughnut boxes now you have a 1 in 20 chance of get a doughnut thats powdered with anthrax. As well as a 1 in 5 chance to get one laced in coke. HEY ITSA SURPRISE. Be sure to check in next week where we add laxative to some of a our products, But I am not telling you which one…… ehh its not great but its all I got

  4. The surprise is after you enter the shop as no one speaks english 😀
    Some translations: Words “Russian store” under Surprise
    “We accept orders for party tables” sign on window
    unreadable sign

  5. lol you think that’s Surprising. there is a “restaurant” called “The Drug Store Restaurant” a couple of blocks from where i live maybe ill put it up here next time i go by it.

  6. There was a chinese restaurant close to where I lived when I was in college called “Welcome Back”. I used to call and order take out all the time and they would answer the phone and say “welcome back, how may I help you.” lol

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