Birthday Cake Fail


Design Fail


This is a birthday cake ordered at work for 2 of the employees. They called it in…’Hi, I’d like to order a cake. Please put ‘Happy Birthday Lina and Heather’ in fudge.

Submitted by Heather C.

Recent Comments

    1. because wen u order wat u want the cake to say he wrote happy birthday to linda and heather in fugde.he wrote in fudge bcuz he wnted the writing to be done in fudge

  1. rofl, they wanted it written in fudge, but they wrote that on the end of the happy birthday message. and that cake does not look good at all.

  2. Ahaha They wanted it . Happy Birthday Lina & Heather Written In Fudge , But Instead They Wrote In Fudge At the end LOL

  3. This cake was probably made buy the same dumb ass who failed when ask to swear in at a court hearing “I, (state your name), do solemnly swear…”

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