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  1. during the replays of the sound, it sounds like his spine is breaking all the way up his back

  2. That is definitely THE stupidest self inflicted FAIL I’ve ever seen (even more than the kid jumping off the viaduct). Love the way his “friends” rush to see if he “might to get up”. Twats.

    1. so i can pay for idiots like that?
      blow me.

      this is what you get when two generations are emersed so heavily in video games and hollywood fantasy. they were probably trying to do something out of that one dumb tom clancy game.

  3. I try not to comment on this site cos theres alot of dumb shit but THIS… makes no sense to me at all!!! he might as well of jumped in front of a car

  4. He’s lucky to only have a broken tailbone and messed up hips. If he had rotated just a wee bit more and landed on his spine, there’s a good possibility he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

    1. well, first of all if you land on your spine then there’s a small possibility that you will live, but if you do live then someone up there hates you, cuz living like a vegetable is the worst thing that can happen to you.

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