Picture Fail


People Fail


“Two  friends at a Concert just trying to take a nice picture together. Some stranger knowingly is in the background and completely attempts to ruin it. She deserves to be on epic fail not only cause she ruined the picture but because she has the hugest gums I’ve ever seen.”

Submitted by Justin D.

Recent Comments

  1. dude this is photobomber WIN! how did the person taking the pic not notice her ass back their? they fuckin FAIL, ugly photo bomber girl WINS

    1. id tool her AND borrow that chick’s camera to takes pics at the same time…to um .. “use” later

      i lold at the snorlax comment..
      and then nearly died at brandi’s pokemon ignorace..
      calling you ignorant on a subject doesnt mean i called you an idiot..
      so dont take it as an offense…

  2. The submitter is no fun. Just crop the picture close to the pale girl’s head and VOILA, NO MORE GUMS MCWHALE.

    J/k I say go fat girl, stick it to the skinny bitches!

  3. OMG it’s an EPIC WIN xDD

    the two girls failed . the beast in the background just wanted to make the two girls fail and she did it greatly xD

  4. I can do it. Will you wait for me? What was my full intention? She looked at him blankly. Well, metallurgy is not exactly—what shall we say? I wouldnt have allowed it! They cannot be reached by a rational argument. It used to disturb me, in the first few years.

  5. Those two girls look like mental patients who are addicted to meth, crack, and acid anyways. Right on to the girl in the background.

  6. the fat bitch just cant wait 2 lick them. but looking at the scary girl on the rights face she wants it bad. x

  7. lol she ruined the picture for those pretty girls, the first two aren’t ugly! the fat chick was lol she doesn’t even deserve to be called a chick, NO OFFENSE!! ^.^

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