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    1. we see a dude getting party bashed for being the first one to pass the fuck out… you see a glistening young mand with suds on his sparkly face under a waterfall of sweet hops and barly, with perky lips and a tight ass… LMFAO!! pwnt*

    1. agreed.. those guys should be be punched in the face.. my roommates do NOT waste beer or any alcoho!!! girl accidentally spilled beer and licked it up off the floor. it was gross. but you cant deny the dedication!

  1. That’s fucked up. I know it’s all fun and games, but things like this are too much. He’s going to be pissed, everyone is going to make fun of him, and the hotel’s gonna be pissed because the beer smell won’t come out for days.

  2. @logic… i must have not gone to the wild hotel parties you did where the women slept topless with guys in the room…

    @JerzeyLegend… two facts your missing… one, hotels set aside rooms for suspected partying… and two, most hotels have cleaners that can take the sun-baked brain and blood smell out of cars, high bile thai vomit smell out of carpet… and yes, alcohol smell out of bedding.

    1. dude… do you know this from experience? ‘Coz I’m TOTALLY looking for someone to dispatch some bodies for me… Please?

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