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  1. A world without Michael Jackson is a world where no children should be brought upon the earth

    [note sarcasm]

    1. What…. fake how dare you say anything on yahoo is fake…..Why the idea of anyone posting anything on the interweb fake is just preposterous….

    2. What!? Fake!? Why, when was the last time someone posted something fake on the internet!? (Did you catch the sarcasm?)

    1. ummmhello? is a 27 year old virgin that can only get sexual pleasure from correct spelling or watching his mother perform calculus

    1. wow, YOU are retarded. so google only show results from google’s own pages now? just when i thought i remembered how i found this site… :/

    1. yea i think she also wants michael’s money hahaha. like those other extortionists who accused him.. oh well, what a faggot.

    1. he wasn’t a failure! what are you talking about? he is the king of pop. he made more money than you did! & he probably had a happy life.

    2. About the kid admitting “the truth”. Put yourself in his shoes, you make a claim and no one believes you. You go to court, mj makes a mockery about the whole situation, america still supports him and calls the kid a liar. Now the kid is having to go through life with every mj wacko harrassing the kid, so the only option to get away from it is to claim he wanted money. Mj was a pedo, end of story. Thank god that sick fuck is dead. Try to defend a grown man who allows little boys to sleep in his bed.

  2. that’s pretty pathetic, I know that some people think he’s a good singer and all, but this is just overreacting. it isn’t as if michael had any direct influence on her when he still lived.

    1. FUCK you more. very judgmental, you think youre perfect? huh? and oh, lets not talk about talent anymore. it will only make you a complete EPIC FAIL

    Michael Jackson was innocent. He was not a freak either. He has sex appeal that none of you will ever have. MJ is sososo sexy

    1. Seriously fuck Michael, he still manages to ruin kids lives even after he’s dead. As for sex appeal, watch the Salton Sea and tell me if a dude without a nose has sex appeal, then watch powder and throw up. The only reason Beat It is even remotely decent is because of Eddie VH. Suck it bitch.

  4. it apperas society is split in two…
    those who dont give a rats ass that a child molesting worthless jackass is dead….
    and those who should stop filling the gene pool with their genetic material…
    Abort the kid, woman… and then yourself while your at it for having such idiotic priorities.

  5. Really? Really? You that upet over a freaking clild molesting wanna-be popstars death that you wont have your own child? Damn, you are the most idotic person in the united states. and sadly thats including Ex president G.W.B.

    1. eh… ithink GWB still has her beat…. not by much but come on the guy couldnt even read for christ sakes! but either way they are both idiots.

  6. theres a lot of mj haters here lol you really do not have any idea. watch out for the whole story on discovery channel. prolly by april next year. :p Michael was innocent but thats a stupid mother right there.

    1. he was guilty the kid just couldnt handle being ridiculed for the rest of his life for speaking the truth about an “icon”. i think MJ should have just stayed black and not touched little boys. i know him turning white was from a skin disease but still he could have put make-up on or even colored his face with a sharpi.

  7. what the fuck is wrong with people? Michael Jackson was NOT that great! Yah, he made some ok songs, but he molested children for godsake! I’m so sick of people going on about him dying! He fucking deserved it and it was inevitable anyway!

  8. BITCH U CRAZYY!!!!!! having a child is amazing ur first child should prove it….and just cuz hes gone doesnt mean his music is

  9. Honestly, isnt it a better idea to bring a child into this world WITHOUT michael jackson in it?? cause his existence was the only thing holding me back =/

  10. Just please (obvious troll) if you go through with it, use the new and improved 100% fool proof method that prevents all future possibilities of pregnancy…and throw yourself into an active volcano, you dimwitted ape raping megamoronic fuck tard!

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