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    1. And *you’re* calling people an idiot? Before insulting someone’s intelligence and/or character (I’m not saying it was 100% undeserved), try using the proper word. It’s generally a good idea.

    2. hey guys.. it’s not bobby’s fault that his mommy and daddy were brother and sister ok! Give him the benefit of the doubt here..

  1. Honestly! You’d have to be on a shit ton of drugs to mess up that bad. Maybe she had never driven before… oh wait. it’s a woman. go figure.

  2. it really doesnt help that the driver was a mercedes driver and it topped it that the driver is a woman. you see the man who stepped out the car with her? she is gonna get a beat down when she gets home, for fuckin up his ride, insurance and the seat of his now thoroughly browned pants.

    1. how the fuck can you mistake a bmw for a merc, if i didnt fully know what im talking about i wouldnt say anything

  3. I imagine that this was her first time behind the wheel. You can almost hear the instructions: “Reverse, that’s it, just a little bit. Step on the break. Good. Now put it in drive, that’s it, the big D. OK, turn on the signal, good, now step on the gas…”

    This would be a good commercial for a driving school.

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