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    1. Bunny no swearing, Teddy don’t like it! lol Anyway, people can’t walk can still get a job. Many people have a job when they don’t even have legs. Um… But if you think about it, beggar is kind of a job don’t you think? You need skill, appearance and endurance. Also need to face the shame from begging for money, not an easy job at all.

    2. haha, she does have a job, just like the little girl, ones to beg, and ones to refuse to give money, because why? she needs to Get A Job

    1. I am not American, I am from Spain and here everybody “flips the bird” from years and not a single new about it being an America-related thing. It just means “fuck you bitch”

  1. ya i think its a grate photo shop the kids and buildings are from japan but the beggar looks like she is from ether America or Africa could probably be India too

  2. Seriously Are you guys that ignorant, just cuz the lady is dark skinned you say she is from india or africa. TRY THAI look at the kids, especially the one flippin her off she too is not light skinned, think about it. DUMB SHITTS but this is a photoshopped pic, I’m a graphic designer and you can tell, the finger is at a weird angle and its too short and skinny compared to the rest of the fingers.

  3. It’s a freakin’ photo shop! Look closely at how dark the bottom of her arm is compared to the rest of her arm and hand! Duh.

  4. haha what do expect most people prob dont even have passports and coudlnt even point out india or africa on a map. posters above — FAIL

  5. wow she lives in a poor country IN FACT I HOPE HER PARENTS BECOME SO POOR she is evil and she shouldnt do that…

  6. It is photoshopped. They weren’t in the same place. Check the lighting. The child’s face show light coming from the left and above. The elderly woman from the right and the side. So one was taken in the morning the other late afternoon.

    1. It’s called direct lighting and ambient lighting. Look at the foot of other child, that is the same light that hit the eldery woman…

  7. fucking great!
    i wanna adopt her.
    and then fuck her 10 years later, cause she was never really my kid.

  8. Can you people just laugh and move on?
    I mean seriously who gives a damn if its photoshopped? thanks for pointing it out all 20 of you who did

    1. definitely indonesian……, I just visit jakarta a month ago, and i saw large group of children wearing this uniform,

    2. I’m thinking Cambodia.The old woman has a flat nose like the kid…..who by the way will surely be an std laden skank hoe sooner than later.Then granny(bless her) can walk by and give her sorry ass the crooked finger.

  9. You people are stupid… the girl and the old woman are the same nationality… some south-east asian country, no doubt. Probably the only photoshopped element is the finger.

  10. first of all it’s definitely indonesia.
    secondly, she wasn’t flipping to the old lady, she flipping it to the guy who took the picture.

  11. Actually, I don’t think it’s photoshopped..what i hate about americans is that they’re too self-centred…ya know, not all of you yanks can do the finger, dumbarses

    1. / /
      (‘(———- ¯~/’–’)

  12. awww.. poor thing. that finger thingy that the little girl did was not right. maybe her parents dont show a respectful manner to others or maybe her parents didnt teach that girl to have a GOOD MANNER.

  13. dude thats terrible…the look on the lady’s face makes me want to cry. i cant believe that that little girl would do such a thing. i feel so bad for her. :'(

  14. sadly not photoshoped. see link below.

    all of the replies above serve to illustrate one truth., the web because of its anonymity, provides the use the ability to express their true nature and feelings. there is so much insensitivity on some of the replies that the true shock of the photograph is lost. the FAIL here is our apathy to the old woman’s plight. and our cheering to the young girls’ desensitization to suffering.

  15. hope that little motherfucker diee and awww how sad i would give £100 pouds or dollars or any type of money to the old poor woman burn in hell kid …… :'(””””””””

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