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    1. I’ve found in my long attempt to describe it, it must have something to do with that large flap of meat hanging from the front of the males which enables driving skills.

    1. 1. You pay attention to low bridge and low clearance signs and don’t drive down that road.
      2. You look up low clearances in your trucker atlas and don’t drive down that road.
      3. If 1 & 2 fail, you BACK UP.

  1. Thats a Halliburton downhole frac pumper if im not mistaken. That makes it a $2 million U-turn sandwich fail. Absolutely fail-licious.

  2. JEZUS CHRIST! you guys are trying to figure out the make/model of the vehicle….. im still trying to figure out how …..exactly what the fuck he did to jam hisself like that? OMG, its like someone used another truck to jam that one into the underpass.. /shrug

    1. 2005-2007 Kenworth T800b trailer has 3512 CAT and Allision 9000 transmission. “Secret pump used for frac” just so u know….

  3. Now, how far would he/she/it have had to back up in order to not be between two concrete walls before attempting a u-turn in the first place? This asshole should lose the CDL.

  4. It was a Halliburton truck, he missed the turn for the gas depot. He did not lose his job. And the frac truck is not $2 million it’s than $1 million. Also, this happened in Pennsylvania not the deep south.

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