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    1. This is hours of painful surgery and tattoo’s that this man used to express himself. Just because you don’t have the balls to do something like this, doesn’t mean you can judge him for being different. I know you have your own opinions and this may look stupid to you, but just get over it.

    2. well yes you have your right to express yourself but to a point i have a right to express my anger but that doesnt mean i can just go out and kill someone because im angry same with this theres healthy ways to express yourself this is just stupid and anybody who says different can go hug a tree

    1. Neither. It’s clearly a Liger. What’s wrong with people? Welfare – if it wasn’t for welfare these retards would all starve to death…

  1. Well his vambraces and face shape sure suggest that it’s a he we’re facing…unless he/she had surgery done on them as well.

  2. I can’t believe this person spent so much money on these tattoos just to look this stupid. I hope this person is incapable of reproducing.

    1. He’s just expressing his inner beast, he’s been on tv for this and I bet he gets more action than your sorry ass.

    2. Dude this guy has the word Lycan in his screen name and is obviously well versed in his were wolf movies. so if you make fun of this guys “inner beast than that makes you a sackless loser i guess. Dude you live in a fantasy world. like your self this dude prob doesn’t get laid. And this site was put here to rip on funny photos. so stop acting like a little were-bitch and go wack off to your under world poster in your moms basement. fucking tool

  3. Well of course it’s a human fail: He’s certainly not trying to look like a human. :/

    If Cat-Man is happy, power to him – especially if he has learned to cope with the resulting social stigmata that must follow him wherever he goes.

  4. All he has to do is stay in the tattoo/body modification crowd, he’ll be fine. He’s had television specials about him. Still kinda yuck the amount of work he’s had. He should hire the doctor that fixed up Ashley Simpson’s old hook nose into the normal looking thing it is today.

    1. i’m covered in tattoos, i’m part of that crowd, and i’d kick this dude in the balls if i ever saw him….considering he hasn’t neutered himself too.

  5. i think your life would be even better and more fufilling if you went the whole 9 yards and got hair transplant all over your body

    1. yea he does eat only meat but it is not raw dude.he may want to be a tiger but he doesn’t want tapeworms

    1. i wouldnt admire it, i give him credit for wanting to be who he is but come on do you have to go that far?

    1. i thought he changed it to crouching tiger so when he would meet a chick he could play hidden dragon….

  6. i saw him on tv the other day!
    i actually think its cool that he’s persuing his dream of looking like a cat-
    i say you people fail at life for not accepting people’s choices

  7. Yarg, I’ve done battle with this beast many a times… we have grown a respect for each other. I remember when he saved me from the kraken, Oh and one las tthing, If you ever saw this man in real life, would ye honestly call him a freak? No because if ye did, ye’d be risking death.

  8. idk what youre problem is rexnickles with this guy but if he wants to do this to himself let him dont shut him down for it.

    me personally i think its kinda cool but id never do that to myself.

  9. aww come on,just because someone tries to be different and has the guts to do it, doesnt mean you have to be lame about it guys >_> I’m sorry you guys can’t break the ice to be different

  10. UGH you guys, the majority of you are so lame! Its called individuality, he’s doing what he wants without getting in others’ ways, I don’t get why most of you arses have to hate on someone who did nothing bad to anyone. FAIL on all of you!

    1. ugh its called individuality, some people like to be assholes and troll every comment box…stop hating on these people

  11. *sigh* this is a guy who wanted to express himself, its called individuality.. he is a highly spiritual person who believes he will return in the next life as a tiger

  12. You’d think after spending that much time on his appearance he would take the time to brush his teeth.

    Also, all the people saying: “He is just expressing himself, leave him alone”, please take note that we are expressing ourselves by laughing at him. Notice how we don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on surgery to do it.

  13. I love this! This is not a fail at all. You talk about him being a freak or trying too hard or whatever but it’s only because you don’t understand it. There are subcultures that most people aren’t even aware of. I’m sure this man has no issue of finding a job or a significant other. Why should he have to conform to what the masses consider “normal”? As long as he’s happy being the way he is who really cares? And Jared Silva, killing people because you’re angry is illegal, body modification and tattoos aren’t so get your head out of your ass and stop being such a damn drama queen.

  14. I know the next thing on his agenda is to get an anamatronic tail surgically attached to his spine so he can mave it at will.

    His current, limp, detachible tail made of fabric makes him feel depressed and “unlike a tiger”.

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