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    1. I sense this happened to you… so you feel like an idiot and you are trying to take some “failness” away from it…

    2. It’s too bad he turned his head to deflect the blow, had he held his ground he coulda had a great facial conversation piece. Y’know…to wow the ladies? “…and this is where I got my ass kicked by my own gun..Ooohhh Aaaahh.” bring on the pity sex. lol 😉

    1. i believe it was a 12-gauge shotgun. i saw this somewhere before the guy thought he could hold the gun with his own forarm power because he is so badass ya know. anyone can hold a shotgun like that and shoot it without getting hurt. god whats wrong with this guy…. (major sarcasm)

    2. ok scratch my last comment i was mistaken by another video i saw of someone trying this same thing with a 12-gauge shotty. its still not a sniper rifle though.

  1. Sheesh, he ignores the most basic law of physics.If the BIG rifle sends a SMALL bullet at a HIGH velocity, then it will recoil back with a proportionally HIGH velocity…still low compared to the bullet’s but it’s still something that would let the common sense tell us not to keep the butt of the rifle straight in our face!

  2. Idk, looks kinda fake to me. Cuz that’s alot of recoil for a small rifle like that, and he would’ve been knocked on his ass instead of standing there. also, WTF was he aiming for?

    1. It’s absolutely fake since you can see the video fast forwards through the gunshot. Notice how the normal shaking of the camera speeds up?

    2. dude have you ever heard a gunshot before? It’s enough to rattle windows , let alone shake a camera thats sitting right next to him.

  3. that’s why a rifle has a stock on it! you know he was trying to show off to his buddies. i give that a show off fail as well

  4. im on a computer that wont play flash videos but what im guessing from the comments is there was an idiot trying to be a badass and shot a weapon that was either to high a caliber for him or the recol kicked him in the face.

    1. held the butt in front of his face, just holding on to it with his hands alone, and yes, the recoil owned his face.

  5. you are all idiots for not recognizing that he did it on purpose. The only problem is he bailed at the last moment and turned his head. This should have been a jackass fail.

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