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    1. my grandfather died in it with my cousin on a buisness trip….. they were going from their hotel to go to where my grandfather works. the driver mistook the clearence…. now i dont have a grandfather or a cousin

  1. ya thats fail, buss driver sould know how tall the bus is and normally thim under passes say how tall they are so over all fail

  2. Veolia just took over the public bus system in Southern Nevada, US a few years ago. Scary…
    Also, stupid driver couldnt see the bridge was at EYE LEVEL!?

  3. It took place in sweeden , but most people were rushed to denmarks biggest hospital , my mom works there and she treated one of the dude who almost got their head cut off xD

  4. it tooks place in ROUEN, france (normandy), with children on the bus, 4 badly wounded people, included one who was standing up on the central alley of the bus…

  5. Why the fuck do they have bridges that low in the first place. And how the fuck did the driver not see that, was she fucking drunk??

  6. This crash happened in Rouen, France. This bridge is not far from my house (200 meters). It was a bus with a lot of kids insuide. Nobody has been killed fortunately, only 3 or 5 light hurted persons.
    For those who don’t trust me, the building on the 3rd picture is a jail, this jail is called “Bonne nouvelle”.

    1. Be sure that we will investigate and perform follow ups, so as to illuminate and hold you accountable for any inaccuracies in your statement.

  7. something like this happened in my town. But it was a low train bridge, an RV and they were on the way to the carnival. True story. Kids died. They no longer have the carnival there.

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