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  1. yea ive heard that
    ive also heard that if you leave it in there for a week the word “gullible” will magically appear

  2. Hey, she’ll become just like that character of Naruto, Shino Aburame…just, instead of a swarm of flies, she’ll have a nest of maggots insiede.

  3. okay that is stupid and gross i accidentally 3 months ago about cut a chunk out of my finger it was in gause for a week and i wouldn’t dare stick meat in that p.s.when i was washing off the blood i saw a blood vein it was cool

  4. the longest a pease of your body can live detached to you in 100% purific conditions is around a week maybe less myth busters did something on it. but ya humans can only really use few to none of the animal parts to stay alive and i dont think any of them are fleshy

    1. hahahaha omfg nice o i herd that if u have a cast and u drop a penny down it it will grow over it….i havnt gotten a broken bone so i wouldnt no LOL but still idk so prove it

    1. you are commenting on someone’s intelligence and don’t know how to spell dumb… fuckin retard

    2. dont blame him, he said gents, he’s british, the most you need to tel him how to do, s get his teeth In Check


  6. People that comment on here should get their spelling and grammar checked before calling anyone else “stupid”. Stop fucking embarrassing yourselves and supporting the fact that Americans are fucking retarded.

  7. For everyone talking ignaramous crap about americans,im an american,am i a fat idiot,no im 14 i got to the gym,i am 2 grades ahead,yea im junior so stop talking crap about america to make you guys look better,have you looked at your nation and looked at the idiots around you.america isnt a place for idiots,idiots are everywhere esspicaly the ones here in this answer who cant spell -.-

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