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  1. Aww and there’s a fork right near its little foot, what if it pierced it? it wouldn’t be funny then. Stupid donkey of a man.

  2. Not only is there a parenting fail, but wtf is in his drink? it looks like that baby took a shit in his cup and he filled the rest with water.. cant be tea, its too thick… cant be soda, its too thin…WTF FAIL

  3. all u motherfucker that think this is funny are pieces of shit…..and most likely 99 percent of u that thinks this is funny are white…..stupid crackers

    1. I’m black/asian and I think this is hilarious… kind of just wrong and sad :P, but I still think its funny. Stop being so racist.

    2. OP is actually an albino black man…. He’s confused and scared, go easy on him…or else he’ll killall us crackers!

      P.S. I’m a Saltine/Soda Cracker…you’ll need a big bowl of tomato soup to kill me you racist bastich!

    3. im white and i dont think its very funny, i dont think people who think its funny are peices of shit but i do think you are.

    4. OMG! u racist bastard! im white and i think the fact that this baby looks so upset it what makes it wrong but thats got nothing to do with my colour u faggot!

    5. Yeah fuck off cause I’m white and I think this is disgusting and hope it’s photoshopped.
      But of course you fucking assholes would try and make this a race issue cause you know.. it’s your best offense, defense, scapegoat, etc.

    6. i know this was just for a funny picture’s sake, and because of that i think its funny. people who overreact and say “this is sad hes eating a baby” should realize that only a handful of people in the whole world eat babies.

  4. chaosthebat, I laughed for a good 5 minutes out loud at your comment. Sounds like something a friend of mine would say.

  5. Metadot..

    There are very many correct ways to hold a newborn and this one is definitely not only unsafe, but potentially hazardous to the baby.

  6. Silly me, all I can think about is where’s the pickle with toothpick? Nevermind the baby, he won’t remember a thing. 😉

    1. watermelon just accents the fried chicken. oh and he needs a drink, some grape kool aide for this fool

    2. i thought it was “purple drank” thats what they always say atleast… hell idk i cant even understand fuckin monkey talk anyway.

  7. This guy needs his ass kicked by a man. And any fuck who thinks it’s funny deserves the same. Whatever fucktard responds to my comment is a bitch.

    1. Hi Matt,
      The doctor called, you can come in tomorrow to have that stick removed from your ass…
      They’re not sure why you keep putting it back in there though…

  8. You are right Matthetaterhead anyone who thinks this is funny,should have his ass kicked ,everyone knows you can’t have baby without b b que sauce,grow up Matt.

    1. i agree mostly because i have a daughter now i can look the other way to this cuz i know its a joke but they should have stopped cuz the baby started crying, then they could have tryed again.

  9. Well, listen up, sonny Jim: I ate a baby. Oh, aye, Baby: the other, other white meat. Baby: it’s what’s for dinner.

  10. Wow why are all of u so mad I think it’s silly but he obviously was joke because if he really was going to eat is baby in a sandwich why would he take a picture and post it lol

    1. thank you! delicious in deed ….and babies cry all the time so get over it! they fucking cry that’s there job besides pooping, sleeping, eating and being part of a nutritious meal!

      where u think the term fresh meat came from!!! hello!

  11. I dont know why everyones freaking can tell it’s a newborn so OBVIOUSLY the baby will be crying, even if it was wrapped up in a blanket..that’s what babies do…they cry! He is in no way causing harm to this baby, its a freaking piece of bread he’s laying on. You people need to chill.

  12. WOW jeez.. lighten up, I’m sure the baby is fine. He doesn’t look nearly as whacked out as most of the other people here. It’s all in good fun.

  13. Fucking dumbasses stop criticizing this photo so much.I am sure his father loves him more than u idiots.So stop all this nonesence obviously this pic is being created for “fail” purposes and theres absolutely no child abuse or anything lawerish shit u r saying.

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