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  1. OMG! I was watching that exact episode with my son & I was thinking that this don’t look right at all! What are they trying to teach kids! lol

  2. there you go! if you’re gonna explain teethbrushing then use a fucking teethbrush for fucksakes! no wonder kids are totally fucked up these days

  3. Wow, that kids realy good at brushing his teeth. I hope maybe one day he could brush mine for me :D. lol jk, but come on… wtf is wrong w/ barney? They even had the little cum shot sounds in the video if you listen carefully

    1. this… he wildly humps her space then does a little ass slap with his left hand repeatedly, then keels over in laughter before the kid does his blowjob routine

  4. lol omfg I actually remember watching this when I was a kid! of course it means something totally different now….

  5. What a bunch of pervs. You all do realize the kid’s singing and simply pretending to have a microphone in his hand. Not everyone’s a pervert like you.

    1. they are singing about brushing their teeth moron. have you ever seen someone use a microphone like that? well, not counting vanessa hudgens & miley cyrus…but, anyway, he was pretending to use a toothbrush. idiot.

  6. so one kid is getting air-humped by barney (little girl with pigtails in beginning), and the other is pretending to suck dick? oh im sorry, i meant brush his teeth. the kid is so agressive about it, and why didn’t they give him an actual toothbrush? it would have made it alot less perverted…

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