Vending Machine Fail


Technology Fail


This is a vending machine at work.  Here are
4 drinks (the fourth is the Pepsi someone tried behind the
Gatorade, though 3 drinks are visible as fail.)

Submitted by Maverynthia

Recent Comments

    1. Also “be for” should be “before”

      Guess CptGrammar missed that one. Too busy you are-ing someone…

    1. he does not deserve a good job. As you can see, his name is “jason”, and as we all know, names are supposed to be capitalized. Therefore, “jason” fails.

  1. Well hats off to jason for showing the grammer police they know nothing,And this is not a vending machine fail,its a fail on the dumb asses that tried to use the machine after it was already clogged up

  2. I used to use a vending machine like this, shake it just a little and managed to have three drinks for the price of one.

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