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  1. Seems to me, to be an opportunity there. Now to find a urinal with no warning to bash my head on, so I may Sue.

  2. CCX2005 – calm the f**k down alright kid?
    It’s obviously a sticker or maybe even photoshop.
    Open your mind. Or do you even have one? ;D

    1. i was expecting the dual piss mode option was the fail here…. whod wanna cross his piss with another guy??

    2. ok I admit I am kind of stupid for not thinking about photoshop.
      and I too see what you did there.

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  4. okay someone whos dumb enough to really dive into a urinal is probly allready so mentally fucked up and injured that he cant read anyway?…

  5. Haha Thumbs up to the man who put the sticker on the urinal (: Thumbs down to the stupid @sses who can’t look at this and laugh

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