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    1. stupid, lazy, white Americans… as i sit at home on the computer, eating a mcdonalds cheesburger, trying to remember how to spell “americans”…(sigh)

  1. i seriously think all these videos where
    someone is failing a sport, and hurting themselves or whatever are not funny…

    i like to see people that obviously lack of intelligence
    … but there, its just unlucky people… i dont say
    its bad to laugh at them…. i just think it isnt funny and
    that these vids are epic fails for their unique presence

    1. cuz he is probably in a different state of mind. i myself am in a different state of mind tha most people…..
      p.s. email me and i will send u a bag of purple asparagus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK

  2. whats ur favourite blood type? mine is b+
    ps dont actually email me cuz my parents will be P.O.ed
    wow. i must sound dumb on the computer…. a lot of this stuff looks stupider that it sounded in my head…………

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