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    1. ‘explain’ would means to describe the relation between the mass and the time, given name of the graph is on top, that is part of the question. half of the answer is already there. the question is not describe what a graph is, or how a graph looks. teacher fail to teach student, student fail to learn…question not a fail, ‘looses mass over time’ derps

    1. he was told to explain that means give reason for not describe which is what he did.

    2. Thanks Maths Geek, thanks for explaining that to us, now we’ll “describe” to you what vagina feels like 😉

  1. I would give points for that answer. I had a professor who would give points if your answers made her smile/laugh. Maybe the fail is in the wording of the question???

    1. i second that, it should have been “explain the relationship between mass and time in this graph”

    1. Position fail. You my good sir are 4th.

      This is a WIN, they should have made the question more specific.

  2. I think the concept was they were supposed to explain the significance of the shape of the graph, not so much that it consists of a curved line next to two straight lines. Like it was supposed to be a more in depth explaination instead of a paragraph stating the superficiality of it. Something like that…

  3. he _described_ the graph, rather than “eplain” it. therefore, fail. (something like, “over time, mass decreases and then stabilizes…,” probably would’ve done the trick.)

  4. It would be a rather good answer if he was describing the lines, and not what the lines mean or do.
    This is a win because it’s funny.
    maY bee teh stud3nt shud lern sum gramer two.

  5. “He got a mark for it” – no he didn’t its NCEA
    Its a fail because they teach you how to do these types of questions, plus he explained the shape of the axis LOL. This is the stupidest answer I have ever seen.

  6. did his mean ass teacher take a picture of this and post it? what a jerk. some pothead kids come up with the greatest answer followed by “how can i be wrong? its in black and white!”

  7. You know, if the question said to DESCRIBE the curve he would get the marks. But the question asked to explain why it is in that particular shape ie why its curvy etc.

  8. i see nothing wrong with answer its the question that is messing with your head. he did exactly what it said and i would do the same. Win for you…:)

  9. You fuck tards who say he did nothing wrong. It didn’t say to describe, it said explain. So he did infact do it wrong.

    1. ya explain the shape of the graph, not the acuale relationship of mass vs time. so he did excactly what the direction said

  10. Epic teacher fail! Explain the shape of the graph ? What the hell kind of question is that? Its two straight lines and one curved line. Or did the teacher intended to ask what does the graph represents? To which I would answer the loss of mass over time. Since there is no notations I’m assuming time is represented as increasing from left to right. Please tell me what school this Teacher works at. I want to make sure I don’t send my Kids there.

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