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  1. eharmony is a dating website isnt it?
    i think this is a quiz thing when you make an account so other people can see what your into and your personaliy and such but i maybe wrong

    1. wow thanx dave for that wonderfull insight on e harmony u fucktard and who the fuck dosent know what e harmony is

    2. actually you all are fail for knowing what the hell eharmony is… cant get a real date from real life can you huh? cant get a date its eharmony time!!!! didnt even know what the hell eharmony is or even existed thanx dave hope your date from eharmony went well

  2. ya know that some girl thought this was funny if they would have seen it… but honestly if you have to go to eharmony to find the “love of your life” may they should reject everybody, might as well go to Chat sites n see what you reel in takes half the time and its free!!!

  3. uhm, actually he just didin’t understand the question..
    he should have said the characteristics he likes in a woman, not what he has that a woman would like..

    1. fail its what he wanted to see in a woman not what women want i mean for all we know this dude wayed like 500 pounds does that mean you want it?

    2. You do know, that the question was asking, what he wanting in a woman. Not what a woman wanted in him.

    3. its just a funny smart ass reply like what do you want to eat? food. except this one is funny as hel. Why the hell do you people always make shit so damn complicated -_-

  4. Wow! I thought that was a perfectly honest answer. Guess I need to break out old Webster and review what “harmony” means. Obviously, eHharmony doesn’t own a Websters.
    And for those that don’t know what a “Websters” is: look it up in the dictionary.

  5. Okay, ‘My Dick’ is not an acceptable answer. How about ‘My Penis’, is that acceptable? This is so funny.

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