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  1. Fail for whoever did this. The google suggestions thing is played the fuck out…

    Also, I think ill go to google and type “I Love Coc” and then put an arrow to where it says “I Love Cock” and say fail!

    1. Nope, no “I Love Cock” on there. Gotta be family friendly. “I Love Cocaine” made it though.

    1. Fear of a Black Hat is a movie done ala “Spinal Tap” style satirizing gansta rap and the hip-hop culture as it was in the 90’s.It’s very funny…

  2. Well theres lots of weird things there tbh
    Fear of Blushing
    Fear of Blood Phobia ( How can you have a fear for having a fear of blood? )
    Fear of bliss

    1. you can be scared of being scared. its what can cause most anxiety attacks… the un-want of fear which CAUSES panic attacks

  3. it’s not racist you American uneducated idiots, it’s a real fear. some people are genuinely scared of black people.

    1. how come people come on this webite just to be dicks towards americans who just wanna have a little fun and laugh YOU DAMN EUROPEANS LOL i cant spell europeans… or is that rite JK 😀

    1. now that’s sorta racist you jerk my step dad’s black and he comin’ home from prison this year he robbed a bank for my mom i mean to get money for her she didn’t tell him to do you call that stupid?????????? that’s love! ):<

    2. … Jobs FTW. robbing banks FTL. smart people get jobs and dont need to rob… proccess of elimnation .. your dads stupid.

  4. Lol. Nah she said mainly kanye “Militaryminded85 Imma let you finish but you have tightest asshole of all time…Of all time!!

  5. fuck you rexnickles, you a dumbfuck. Your black and angry, you uncle tom boot lip brillo head. Go burn.

  6. why is it a fail?…. i just can’t stand
    black people by nature, call me racist i dont give
    a shit, its just by instinct, you wouldnt call my cat
    racist cuz he doesnt like dogs??? isnt it?

  7. i’m american and i have never met anyone who is afraid of black ppl. i met a lot of racists though. kind of sad to tell you the truth.

  8. I am Half Indian and Half African American && i still get offended but i dont understand how this is a fail -_- && ALL THE RACIST PEOPLE ABOVE ARE FUCKING PATHETIC REALLY……

  9. Most violent crime in the USA is by black people. Over 70% of incarcerated Americans are black. It’s not racist. Fear of black people is validly rooted in fact.

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