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    1. lol same here, notice the guy with the white shirt in the background. hes trying to make sense of it all during the whole debacle.

  1. this lady is beyond retarded. she just rambles on about random shit with no credibility to any of her remarks. Perfect example of why I support movements to separate California from the rest of the US.

    1. Yes, I was watching him too. I thought he might say something, “R-tard, sit down your sucking the intelligence out of the room.”

  2. In no way does this girl represent anything going on in this state or any other for that matter. How does someone like that even get into a court room? Who gave the 2 claps? Unbelievable.
    I want a vegetable tree!!!!

  3. “People on the East coast believe in slavery and ‘made in china’…” LMFAO!!!
    Let me stoop to her level of stupidity and reply with this.
    “But like China is like closer to California than the east coast”

    1. “The food free. The land is free. Everything is free. Except we have to pay for food. And we have to pay for land. And we have to pay for everything else, but it’s all free.”

  4. “And like, this would be super kool, and like food trees, and fruit trees, and like …”

    She’s trying to help, but she really has no clue, sad :\

  5. so she serious, shes really that stupid?, oh i get i shes talking out of her ass, somebody give this woman a book

  6. “It’s free but you have to pay for the farmers land and food” “and also food will last for ever but not really”.

  7. ” We have fruit trees and vegetable tress… that’s where fruits and vegetables come from…”

    I officially have a migraine.

  8. i just died a little bit inside. i feel like i have lost some of my personality by watching this. ‘fruit grow on trees, thats where they come from’ oh dear.

  9. That guy in the back is hilarious–he keeps looking around and at her like he’s trying to figure out if he’s in the twilight zone with this moron talking. I just know I’d be doing the same thing, looking at her the same way but I’m a hell of a lot more expressing facially and verbally. She’d have left crying if I were there.

  10. I think the difference between america and the rest of the world is that we all have the same amount of dumb people in our countries, its just that every other country in the world doesnt have full “free speech” rights. inhiting the idiots from talking in public places :>

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