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    1. @ LAWL: Don’t you have anything better to do? Like drinking arsenic?

      The driver must have been pretty shocked.

  1. not amusing at all. The picture is funny though, and to get this in before all the women driver hate. It’s not funny either, you’ll find stupid driving everywhere, both genders.

  2. I get the fail. I just don’t get how it happened. That weight should have been evenly distributed if the bricks were evenly laid out, which it looks like.

    I guess they should have used a heavy dump truck.

    1. It’s pretty obvious. They raised the platform for some reason, the bricks started to slide, the rail broke and voila – the weight distribution ain’t so even no more.

    2. looks to me like he started lifting the bed, but never opened the hatch in the back, lifted it up, and boom, all the weights right there behind the back tires.

  3. Things ain’t cooking in my kitchen
    Strange affliction wash over me
    Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
    Couldn’t conquer the blue sky
    There’s a small boat made of china
    Going nowhere on the mantlepiece
    Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
    Or do I sing like a bird released

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