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  1. Dude. His velocity was almost perfectly focused on his face. 3-ish feet of water. Come on.

    Instant hillbilly! Weeeeeeeehaww!

    1. lmafao
      he dosent even know not to dive into a foot of water, theres no way he can start a law suit, even realise theres a chance for one

  2. The fail must be that the girl is so oblivious to what happened, that she just jumps on his back and pushes him back under…

  3. Whenever something like this happens, you go into a sort of mini-panic.
    As in “Did that just happen?”.
    And she pushes him underwater. What a cunt.

    1. i was thinking the same thing i would have throw her over backwards drowned the bitch then wait to check on my teeth

  4. Awesome little retard crab dance before his hillbilly “operation.” Now they just gotta get him a plaid jacket and a shotgun rack for his truck.

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