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  1. Considering materials constraints, (looks like it’s all gift wrap stuff?) I’d say it’s pretty damn creative. But not exactly “I put a lot of time into this” material.

    1. indeed…I was wondering why there were no other cosplayers.
      Wait…a church picnic…the hell?
      he’s not just out in public being a moron, but at a social event? How’d you find this out?! unless you’re pulling the wool over my eyes…

  2. why:
    bob says: April 11, 2010 at 3:51 am
    its mexicant iron man he was to lazy to make a real blaster
    , i am a mexican and that commentary is a racist, cos the fuckin gringo is more lazy, coz he buy everything, but the mexicam have a good ideas to mek what we need, and have no stores whit everiting all the time

  3. Enrique is pretty much telling the truth. you cant call mexicans lazy when they work harder for less. and that costume is just sad. his parents should have known better.

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