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  1. Lol, wallflip isn’t that hard… I did over 1 houndred and any 1 isn’t like this xD I can upload 1 of my first backflips if i can find it xD ^^

    1. you really did over 1 HOUNDred?! dude, that’s awesome! i believe you misspelled hundred, dummy.

    2. thats because the first 99 times he failed and kept hitting his head. fail on his misspell or just being a fail at life. get a girlfriend

  2. did he really think he would magically stop rotating? what a tard… he will probably have back problems for the rest of his life…..

  3. thats fun everyone should try it,yea get to have someone wash your balls for the next nine months while yea heal from being in a full body cast the only thing sucks about it is yea cant feel your balls but yea sure feel nuts,lolfuckin retards in this world never seem to amaze me

  4. tssssssss, the vid itself is a fail…who’s got
    a bridge and a street in his home to try this????

    sometimes, i hate that website, sometimes its adictive

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