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    1. long story short, the white toilets are smaller because because white males dont need that much front room….if u know what i mean 😉

  1. I see your hole.
    Nice hole man!
    Its goming.
    Look at is my hole clean?
    I help you!
    Thabk you!
    Now it is clean.
    Thank you mister!
    You welcome!

  2. does the two white toilets gang up on the black one or does the white toilets becoume freands with the black one only for the black one to get cocky and take the mike off of the white one and say beyonce is a better artist for her being black…fuck off… the two white tiolets should have cept the black one in the cotten feilds

    1. Racial equality fail…
      They should have kept (cept???) your KKK ass in prison. Some more surprise buttseks might clean you out and keep you from talking shit…
      Let me guess, American, living in southern redneck state, maybe Alabama?

    2. lol. were r u exactly r u from mil whatever. you obviously dont know anything about the american culture, either that or you are just an old fart. this is just some random kid trying to be funny. When i was in highschool i always made racist jokes, but i not actually racist. heck even black guys over here make jokes about themselves and other whites. get american culture. and stop with the dumb stereotyping.

    3. I’m actually from Alabama, and I can tell you that black people have more than their fair share of racial equality. As a matter of fact, white people are probably now a minority in this state. On a per capita basis, the black population probably has better jobs, makes more money, and has a better chance at a decent education and health care than do the whites.

    4. Actually Kirasao, if you take a deeper look into our society, you will notice that despite racial barriers being broken down every day, the majority of black toilets are still without a seat, let alone a lid to cover their heads.

    1. they’ve had them for years. It’s called a public restroom.
      (I know you’re joking, but I had to do that)

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