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  1. For anyone who read the article, it said he got acquitted because he blew the limit, so its hard to call it a fail. Although it may sound stupid, if it did in fact get him out of a DUI more power two him. I’d choose eating my own underwear over $1000 fine and 3 months license suspension any day!

    1. Ya know, except for the fact that it would do nothing to reduce his alcohol. Even if cotton could somehow magically take alcohol out of your system…why not maybe try eating your shirt first.

    2. hahaha so he was probably already under the limit and ate his underwear for no reason.

  2. People like this make me hope that the eventual Zombie apocalypse hurries the fuck up, and takes out a healthy chunk of these fucktards.

  3. The fail here might be that the paper called high school kids law students!?!?! In what “F”ing state can you be a law student in 11th and 12th grade? Nice editing there D’arcy Rickards.

    1. the drinking age isnt 21 everywhere in the world dumass, and the RCMP is the royal canadian mounted police. 1+1 is 2

  4. I hope this guy doesn’t plan on reproducing anytime soon.The Judge must have been pissing himself when the cop testified.He would be good comic relief at a party,Hey Dave eat your shorts for us would you?

  5. I was thinking OMG he is so stupid why would anyone do this. Then I got to the the part were they mentioned Provincial court, instant thought oh shit oh shit oh shit he can’t seriously be Canadian can he. . . . . and finally the mentioning of the RCMP. . the fate is sealed. The only way that guy could be eighteen if he was form Newfoundland . . .oh another joke about the neufs. Just playing if they weren’t there who will be the butt of all of Canada’s jokes.

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