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  1. not so much a forklift fail as it is a brain fail. this is why you see cling wrap wrapped around a pallet of merchandise when they ship shit in or out. it both a BRAIN FAIL AND A FAILURE TO SHRINK WRAP.

  2. There was probably already something wrong with the stack, which is why they were filming it to begin with. Just my thoughts on it, I doubt he was at any real fault. Funny though lol

  3. what exactly was that? sounding like just a bunch of beer bottles or something. I can’t imagine someone would ship beer/soda bottles like THAT! what could that have been???

    1. first time i watched it i thought it was some sort of metal piping, had to double check, its something glass like coke bottles or whatever… was interesting to watch… wonder why it wasnt shrink-wrapped…

  4. I’m a forklift driver and like Dyquen said, that needed some heavy duty plastic wrap before moving it. Even with wrapping it I can’t imagine it would last to long on after being loaded on to a semi trailer and being driven over some potholes.

  5. This isn’t that much of a fail. I drive a forklift for a beverage distributor and the dropping of pallets is not uncommon. There’s a whole department in the warehouse for this, it’s called breakage.

  6. I would have said fuck it, and knocked down about several other pallets while I was at it.

    This had to be staged. No wrap on the pallets? Even a clamp would have failed on this.

    I don’t know what the point was, but it was stupid.

  7. this mustve been a test for new forklifters, because even dumb ass places like walmart know how to wrap pallets half the time, i mean imagine unloading a freight truck with unwrapped pallets of groceries and merchandise. one turn will fuck your whole day up and thats with bad wrapping.

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