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  1. I used to own a Canadian but he kept getting up on the furniture and crapping on the floor in the middle of the night and everytime someone would walk by the house he would run to the window and yell, “Ay!, ay!, ay!” We had to have him put down. I wouldn’t recommend owning one.

    1. get loss, hes a 12y old boy that needs to free himself from his rage against canadians… he have rights to do this. As we all do for being egoists. =)

    2. Really all this bickering over a small comment and it’s funny. I’m Canadian I laughed so hard over this comment 🙂 Its a joke therefore its intended to be a joke. Yes there was a mistake with the “Eh” not “Ay” thing, but its resolved. By the Geryon I have great grammar and an astonishing vocabulary so go use your imagination and suck it :p

  2. half of the stuff in that list is a fail! …just eat my waffle…&…breathe whenever I think about lyrics! and the rest is about loosing weight

    1. No, it’s fake. Nothing like that shows up. YOU fail. All the google fail ones are faked–it’s old. Stop posting these already. Google fail=lazy unoriginal moron who has no brain decides to fabricate a fail thus failing at life. Take 1 second to expose these–find a new joke dude.

    2. Being a blind skeptic is so trendy, ain’t it kids 🙂

      I have Canadian friends and I own them all the time.

  3. Why cant i just eat my waffle is a tv show.
    Why cant i own a canadian is just racist.
    why cant i breathe whenever i think about you is a song.

    1. Im happy someone understands, because some of the people who leave comments under these fails are just stupid.

    2. to jasmine: you are a fuckwit, so fuck off. we’re here to have a laugh, and we dont need you telling us “you are stupid.” honestly, couldnt you think of anything good to say?

    3. Why can’t I own a canadian is a portion of a letter to Dr Schlessinger. It misquotes the bible as she likes to do.

    4. Really Luffeh? You uneducated fuck-tard, lol! “Canadian” isn’t a race its a nationality. It would be bigotry not racism.

    1. No but if you took the 2 seconds it takes to type that search into google the first hit is that link Dionysus91 has posted. You Moron

    1. What the fuck is with you… You dumb cunt, lol. It is a PIECE OF WRITING! What is it with foreigners, never doing their research and just automatically blaming America. Stop hating… Get a fucking education… Move to America… Ab Ab Select Start – Enjoy.

  4. i think this is a fail maybe it’s not but go to look up why can’t cats at the bottom of list it says im not gunna say it’s a asuprise bye!

    1. …once again i blame your edumacation system down there…if they are owned by the US would it not be owned by the US consortium…or Y’ALL, or even the WE(the people).
      suck on a resource.

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