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    1. he said ” i can fly and my friends show me when i fly” and other older guy trying to say ” he is i liar” he attemped to fly and saying Allah (god). thats all.

    1. crazy man claims that he actually flew and host did’t believe him, normal guy says that he is exaggerating… than he starts to yell “allaahh” (god) and jumps

  1. Wow. I don’t know if i’ve ever seen anyone come that unglued that quickly. I hope someone can provide at least a vague translation. I’ll be forever wondering.

  2. This has happened on a Turkish television called Kanal D. So the whole thing is: The jumping man first says that he can levitate, and claims he has eyewitnesses. The host (woman) asks how he can do that and he says they were on a bus going to Kayseri. And then, the bald man cuts in and tries to give an example from i don’t know what (which is totally irrelevant itself) and there you have it. He fucking jumps screaming “ALLAH!” and miserably fails to fly. The host, unimpressed, says “Yes. Yes, Mr. Sabri (that’s the madman’s name) what are you doing?” and she and the bald man tell the crew to take Sabri off the show.

    1. Scheisst like this happens all the time in that countrie’s lame tv stations. That is normal over there.

  3. Sabri Bey is the crazy guy… he claims he can stop in mid-air.. and i think this might be his demonstration… lol.. so yes he is crazy.

    sabri bey: for example, i stood in air, i have witnesses.
    esra ceyhan (the woman there): how can you do it
    sabri: i stood in air. for example i was in a bus going to kayseri. something happened to me… it has witnesses.
    the other man: mister, what’s the name of that friend, mister you know that .. told that “ben halepte yetmiş arşın atladım” (i have jumped 70 arşın (like meter but in an old measurement) up on halep)
    sabri: ALLAAAAHHH!!!!
    the crowd: take that guy out!
    esra ceyhan: yes sabri sabri bey what are you doing? please
    the other man: take this one out…
    esra ceyhan: yes we will take him out. we will take you out (to sabri) tarık come here honey. yes you know there’s nothing to discuss that is a show. it is all about is it like this or like that. it’s about only ideals…

    i know that sounds strange in english but it is strange in turkish too

  4. Not only sabri,also the guy who try to escape from jump-roll attempt was pathetic.Many of you maybe dont know him.Let me introduce Tarık Mengüç to you.He is an absolutely abortion fail too. rotflmao

    1. “lady”??
      This is another epic fail.
      There is no lady there. He’s Tarık Menguc and believe or not he is a male…

    1. because the guy says “Allah” ?

      don’t you have crazy people in your countries? when they say “oh my god”, is it “Crusade Fail”? cos you know, most crusades were epicly failed. no they are not crusade fail, as this is not a terrorism fail cos turks are not arabs, and our country is not islamic. l2s.

  5. i dont care what the TRUE translation is… i like MC Hammers comment. it fits better. more jerry springer style anger. haha!

  6. The man who was rolling on the floor like a fish out of water actually had a delayed reaction to a prank played on him earlier in the day. The inside of his boxers were actually smeared with ICY HOT and what you witnessed was the ball searing aftermath it. This could happen to anybody people. Let us pray for his quick recovery….. Fuck that…. Friggin FAIL!!!!!!!!

  7. hes not insane he is half man half fish and just noticed he wasn’t in water and floped around in a desperate attemt to get to water.

    1. Classic racist, forgets he has no brain so he tried to spontaneously pretend he had any fucking idea what he was talking about.


    Turkish and Arab peoples fuckin’ funny. Got one question, there is a woman represents the show? why she hasn’t have scarf on her head?

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