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    1. (Boss walks in to office to encounter two employees, one dressed as King Leonidas)

      Boss: Mike, what the hell are you doing?

      Mike: Dave told me there was no way in hell I could Spartan kick the entire structure over before the demolition in a King Leonidas costume.

      (Dave looks at Mike stunned)

      Boss: Get out there and pick it up.

    2. wow.. if only the ‘tenants’ were still in there… that would have been an epic win. only this time Juliani DIDNT do it

  1. This just doesn’t make sense to me, it looks like it fell over, but all the windows seem to be intact, anybody know what the deal is?

    1. Epic fail ? i not that sure because if may fell on the ground but in one piece ! … What ever i wouldn’t live there …

    2. It seems like an effect of a great material durability combined with lousy footings planning. It end up made a stumbling building without shatter it into pieces.

    1. @actiondave, and again an american thinktank failure 🙂 not every “news” is true…

      thats the reason, a german “news”-paper had to remove the name news in its company name, because by law a newspaper must have at least 80% truth in it!!

    1. IF THE WIND KNOCKED IT OVER THEN…. their foundation should not have passed inspection….SO a lot of people are going to get in trouble!

    2. Who is the construction company that built this? I don’t care if it was ‘nearly finished’ or finished. The damn thing would’ve fallen either way, and I don’t wanna be living on one of their buildings! And I thought the houses in my neighborhood were bad.

    3. It’s in china, no inspection necessary, it is part of their population control plan, let the people move in , then big bad wolf it!

  2. It’s real!…as i remember 1 person actually died :|…it was all over the news.I dont even see the foundation of that building…it’s like they just put it there 😐

  3. ” The Wise man Built his house upon a rock, the wise man built his house upon a rock…. the foolish man built his house upon the sand…” even tho it’s a child’s church song it’s basically common sense yet so many asshole’s ignore the basic laws of “DUUUUHHH”” !!

  4. god damn,thats crazy..that poor worker died for some wealthy person to line their pockets more. I think the state of that economy is the real fail here

  5. actually, i thought this happened in spain? or maybe i just heard about it while i was there. anyway, it had to do with a weak foundation. still pretty funny!

  6. And thus the first attempt to make the world’s biggest domino chain failed at just one…

    Seriously, HOW can you fail in building design like that? I’m curious about how the building remained intact though as the supports failed though.

  7. All they have to do is stand it back up I don’t see what the big deal is…It is amazing though that only one person died…

    1. Because they already know that it will fall. They just decided to build it sideways to prevent domino effect. (Yeah, it’s sarcasm to the contractor)

  8. I saw other pictures of this “thing”. It was built on plain concrete poles, not reinforced, about 10 inches wides and 40 feet deep. When they dumped the earth from the garage digging to the other side of the building, it created a differential in ground resistance, worsened by the heavy rain a few hours before the collapse. The resulting force of about 3000 tons was too much for the footing which broke. then the whole building went sliding and fell in the garage.

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