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  1. Absolutely a win! They said “fuck using a sparetire, we’ll just use uncle olafs Fishmonger dolly instead….”. Poor olaf will just have to use a wheel barrow from now on.

  2. i would not call this a win because
    1.if this was my car i would be pissed
    2.the guy in the back i know has to be embrassed
    3.they are not even black and this is the most gehto-est thing i have ever seen

  3. First off that blue piece of sh*t is not a car that is nothing more than a fancy wheel barrow with a half ass engine so adding that car is basically an upgrade

  4. cool but look at the car in front thier is a chain attached to the back the one in front is pulling the blue one. that was a cool idea i would not label this in the fail pile at all used thier brains a little thats all.

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