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    1. In Europe we dont have a shit like bud light.this shit have only 4% of alcohol hahahahahah its like water for me… so its not europe its usa haha

    2. If this was in Europe she’d be drinking wine or beer orsomething else more ‘ refined’ Lol

    3. Can’t marry you , sorry..Unless you’re a good looking boy which I doubt you are. Lol that was mean!

  1. “It’s bud light Beerry-blue with the real taste blue-berry of kool-aid, buy em in a 6, 8, or 12 pack also coming soon Budweiser Hard-popsicles not your pussy Nestle’ popsicles.”

    *no pun intended on the Hard-popsicles, Beerry-blue bud-light and all preceding flavors are trademarked by anheiser-bucsh and kool aid.* hahahahahahaha

  2. wft,thats not a european bottle of bud light i’ve ever seen.what is she like,12?..maybe she was holding it for her dad,like not in her mouth….gah that sounds wrong

    1. you know it Fred i love it when they have small hands it makes my pee pee look really really big oh just thinking of it is making me happy in pants

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