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    1. This is win except for one thing.
      Look at the hinges of the door located in the room where the back of that TV is located.

    2. Spammity Calamity is right. just dont open the door and everything will be ok. hang an off limits sign on the door

    1. I just think its a step up from puttin yur new TV on top yur broked TV… Mama, go get the sawz-all, i got a ideer!!!

    1. …Re-wording your comment does not make it any better. It just makes you looks stupid for repeating it, re-worded or not.

  1. awwww class this is WIN!cud they not make some sort of enclosure in the other room and make it look like a fireplace,that wud b rockin!

  2. it is pretty fail look at the pic of the back of the tv. the door opens in to it and is able to hit the tv’s back other wise it a win

  3. FAIL for the following reasons:

    1.) TV is outdated, what happens when they upgrade.

    2.) Fire hazard. Too many cables. Especially on top of that carpet.

    3.) Cable box is in the other room, how will the infrared signal reach the box to change the channel.

    4.) If they want to rearrange the room, the TV has to stay there.

    1. My Aunt and Uncle did something similar in their basement. Theirs came out better though, as they did close in the back, and also put the cable box and other equipment into built-in shelves in the wall.

      Oh, and the cable box can be controlled using what is called a ‘commander’ (if I remember correctly).

  4. when i first saw it i only looked at the top one and i was thinking “how is that a fail??” and then i noticed the bottom half… *vision fail*

  5. honestly, if that second picture wasn’t there, everyone would think just that was a really nice tv. so, props to them.

  6. Fine, there’s seem to be an other door to the bottom right. this’s a great idea but yea, need clean up for wires and stuff like that.

  7. This is such a fail, look at the door. It opens towards the tv. But they should make a cupboard over it. then its a win

  8. Did anyone else notice that in the first picture the tv is gray, and in the next one its black? And its much higher up on the wall at the first picture…

    1. The front and back sides of many tvs especially large screen tvs are different shades.

      Also, the floors could be different levels since if you noticed they are separate rooms.

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