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  1. Hey Michelle,

    Like someone else said, “Do your Homework”

    The roots of the Coast Guard lie in the United States Revenue Cutter Service established by Alexander Hamilton under the Department of the Treasury on 4 August 1790. The first USCG station was in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Until the re-establishment of the United States Navy in 1798, the Revenue Cutter Service was the only naval force of the early U.S.

    Now with history straightened out,I don’t care what service you are serving in, we are all brothers in arms (even poorly informed Marines).

    1. marine corps est. 1775, tun tavern. All brothers, except the pansy ass coast guard. thats where you go to get out of combat.

  2. Maybe he did not give the best performance and time seen by the instructors, but, in NO WAY wass that a fail. He pushed trough and did what he had to, THAT is a member of the Armed Forces of these United States!!!

    1. Yeah But He Cried Like a Little Bitch The Whole Time, I gotta Admit It hurt when it Hurt like a Mother Fucker when i did it… But Hes Worse than a 4 year Old

    2. Yeah But He Cried Like a Little Bitch The Whole Time, I gotta Admit It Hurt like a Mother Fucker when i did it… But for Him to Act Like that Is Ridiculous

    3. I think you don’t see that.. this guy have fucking CAYENNE pepper in his eyes!!! look at the begening… he don’t cry like a girl because the exercice is hard… Look out … at 53 seconds

    4. He had asthma if you hear near the beginning they say “don’t use that inhaler” so he fought through an asthma attack and pepper in his eyes. Fuck the haters.

    5. We need more soldiers like this……………in the Enemy lines. What an embarrasment! He is the weak link that will inevitably be responsible for the loss of life of soldiers around him. STAGGERING FAIL!

  3. Fail? No way! He kept going under extreme hardship, when he clearly just wanted to stop. Epic kickass soldier WIN!

    1. I agree, Overcome, improvise & adapt, give credit where credit is due. this is where you learn the effects and how to deal with them before you go into the field, its a WIN.

  4. err i actually think that was either lsd or acid or some form of hallucinogenic drug that they sprayed at him. these can pass through the skin and get into the bloodstream.

  5. First…the fail itself is in the title…He was a Marine. Second, the reason he “failed” is because he did exactly what he wasnt supposed to do, panic

    1. Yeah… That is a navy uniform epic fail for you. Btw when was the last time you were sprayed with OC?

    2. well, I can tell you the last time I was in CS gas, which make your skin burn like the worse sunburn you’ve ever had, burns your lungs, your eyes, your throat and nose. Its horrible, and I have too do it no less then once a year. My unit is ontop of that crap too.
      So this guy, sure, hes being dramatic. But how about you give that a try, see if you can work yourself through the pain and keep going like he did

    3. r u dumb?
      they are soldiers not marines. marines wear green skivves ur an idiot don’t talk about anything u clearly dont know anything about

  6. yeah he acted like a bitch but its cs spray i think and that hurts like a mother fucker and i believe he’s army judging by the cover but at least he new what to do under pressure you got to give him that

  7. It’s OC spray, also known as Oleo Capsicum. That’s basically your standard military/police-grade pepper spray. It is NOT fun. Every year we had to re-qual on that shit while I was a Master at Arms in the Navy. Everyone has different sensitivities to it too. I’ve seen some guys who weren’t affected by it at all, and others who did similar things to this guy.

  8. That’s a real term. I laughed the first time I heard “battle-buddy” as well. Most of the soldiers drop the “buddy” and just call their battle-buddy “battle”, as in “Where’s your battle?”

  9. They are not Marines. Marines don’t wear brown shirts. They wear green shirts. Apparently Navy dresses like Marines as well.


  11. Lol….omfg whata god damn pussy. I saw a whole battery of soldiers including me go through the gas chamber….10 times worse its like your breathing lava, acid is in your eyes and you have the worse sunburn of your life and they make you stay in control

    1. I loved running the gas chambers for twats like you! So fuckin funny to hear you guys choke and cry on the way out.

  12. that dude woulda never make the one in the marines, is way harder than that and way more pepper spray. btw, he looks faggy as shit. such a bad performance.

  13. I know I play bad, but you can learn from me as a person who is not into a do, let’s join the clan did not just want to make progress together DOTA do, are filled with love for the game of DOTA, right? I would like to, and we called him a good friend

    1. i thank God he created people who train hard to protect pussies that hide away n wait for the job to be done.

    2. UMMMM retard ,obama is president ,and he can pull out if he wanted to ,,,,kinda like what your father should have done .

  14. Wow! I remember just being gassed when i was in the navy. I had no idea these guys had to be hit directly in the face and then perform like that. Just being hit with tear gas had half of the guys wanting to puke and cry. Snot was streaming down onto my own chest. I cant imaging having to do anything other that get that crap out of my face. GOOD F’n job fellow!

  15. I know nothing about fighting and all the diff. regiments etc but I really admire the geezers. This guy made ME wanna cry. I just wanted to give him a big cuddle and tell him everything will be OK…. Even if it might not be!!!!

  16. cayenne pepper spray in your eyes hurts but it aint as bad as he’s making it fucking out to be. it hurts man let me tell you but not like youre going to hell and back like hes portraying it. no way. he fails lol. toughen up soldier.

  17. i have got peper spray in my eys and i couldint see my eys cried for myself but i dint sed nothin and this “soldier” cried like a kid and screamed all the time

  18. –‘ that guy is definitely retarded, but these
    soldiers are just brainwashed bulldogs wanting to
    train him…so i dont know who is the most pathetic….

    the other soldiers obviously…. i just cant get why
    so much US assholes support that kind of dumbness, you are
    all dangerous idiots! did you know that? i wish your nation
    could perish

  19. Anyone calling this a fail is a failure themselves. I thank God every day that there are men and women going through this and other trining to protect me and the greatest country on earth, the USA! This is why every other country on the planet runs to us for help!

  20. This video should not have ever been made public. However, I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors. The soldier running the drill was having a hard time, and they did a great job getting him through it.

  21. are all fucking kidding me, since when is a marine called a soldier….soldiers are them fat fucks you call army and ive been hit with cs gas many of time and many of my fellow marines and im pretty sure we dont cry like lil bitches

  22. A man like that would not pass all but the easiest of British basic training. He’s clearly mentally and physically unfit to serve. Undeniable fail.

    1. I will ask. And I will tell. You queers will have to come up with something better. Deal with the shit that all of us have to put up with. Equal rights is fine with me but I’m tired of everybody (like women) having equal rights, but having anonymity, and doing what the fuck you want to do and rub it in my face while I have to put up with it. Fuck you. I want to do what I want to do, heterosexually, too. But I’m sure you will say that I have that right, also? And BTW: I’m no Bachman supporter either. I’m just saying do it and STFU and I’ll support that shit.

  23. WHAT A FUCKING CRYBABY BITCH SUCK IT UP AND FUCKING SHOW NO PAIN FUCKING LITTLE BITCH. like really hes fucking defending our country thats sad if i was an officer i would kick him out of whatever part of the forces hes in. FUCKING NOOB FAIL

  24. I believe you cant talk shit about this clip until you take pepper spray to the eyes. I haven’t done it but Ive seen a friend of mine do it he’s a tough motherf*cker and he took like a bitch too I’m just sayin buy a can of pepper spray spray it in your face and then talk shit.

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