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    1. well…i dont wanna take the fun outta this but…maybe it was raining…think about it: he stopped, sees the rain, looks for something in his bag, (maybe some important documents), he takes a look around(maybe looking for a solution) and finally decides to make a run for it leaning front to protect his bag. it makes some sort of sense…its still a major fail for not considering the speed at which the door opens.

    2. maybe he lives in the Jungle,Bwahahahaha…i think he is curious Bout the A.D. thats why he Alibis about the bag,Then he see’s Tarzan Fucking Jane,thats why he Ran!!!Bwahahahaha,Mafi-Muk!!!

    3. what do you mean its raining? hes inside tring to get out lol, first thing you do is try and open the door with your hands not your face,

    4. Don’t be an asshole. This guy obviously has never used an automatic door. You can see him waiting to see if it will open. Youd probably do the same if you didn’t know.

    1. Not Tech fail… its cause of where he is standing that it doesn’t see him. If he would have just moved to the left or waved his fuck arm the tard wouldn’t need to run through glass… he needs to be slapped

    1. I would say most likely he walked in at the same time as other while the doors were already open to where they could walked through without him observing the doors moving.

  1. one big WTF?!
    Why the hell did he do THAT? He could have observed more people using the door. No, let’s just headbutt it.. Dead or alive, you will open for me.

  2. My guess is that he was planning a lawsuit. Notice that he looks back first as if making sure nobody is looking. Guess he didn’t realize he was being taped.