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  1. i get that its broken but the shoe and the meaty/questionable looking thing on the top partially underneath the platform gives this a probable gore in why its broken. either way….how the hell?

    1. It’s broken because of the shoe. Think about it: If the shoe can get stuck there, how on Earth would it have the ability to suck something much bigger (like a human) up into it?

  2. Whoa, lets hope he got his foot out. FAIL for someone not pressing the emergency shut off directly to the left of the platform.

  3. the shoe looks planted. if they the time to clean up the blood (thats a wrapper or piece of paper on the right), then the shoe would have been removed as well.

    now… what the hell is that smell?

  4. i wouldnt cry fake too early…weirder shit has happened on this planet, seen one catch fire on the LV Strip. they still havent fixed it actually.but i do wonder why its not blocked off?

  5. All i can think off is the movie mall rats when matt damon is trying to convince jason lee that children are harmed every year in escalator accidents lol

    1. “i dont wish the kid any harm but his parents should have to go through that ordeal so they learn how to handle their child!” lmao

  6. i have actually seen this happened at the kanawha mall in charleston west virginia. a little boys shoe string got caught was he went to talk off and his shoe and foot slowly went underneath so this is real. so remember tie your shoes.

  7. i know the guy that this happened to seriously i was there he is a jackass i laughed so hard…. Missmegan is right that is how t happened

  8. you can’t believe it !! I live in this city is Desenzano, on Garda lake. OMG !!! This escalator was been broken since 2005 now is been removed by the town !!!

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