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  1. Damn thats a real eclipse. im not baggin on the big lady but its hard not to when she eclipsed the sunlight from the girl laying down.

    1. what the fuck are you on about??? everyone leaves a shadow!!! its not a fucking “eclipse”!!!! WTF??? …she is really fat though

  2. im not gonna say anything xept “rude.”
    take the pic as you may, but i do think that lady might be american! 😀
    just kidding, americans…

  3. blocking the sun is nothing ..! you better run for your life when that fat whale jump in the water..itll be a big tsunami.

  4. …- -‘ fuck, you are all fuckin pathetic jerks….ooomg, a fat girl on the beach,,,,that is so much failed….DAMN! what does it chnge if someone is fat…does it mean for you she missed her life, and is not interesting?

    this website totally lack of intelligence and objectivity…

    i’m bored, fuck you all, fuckin fuckers

    1. I agree with you. . .people are nothing but vultures looking for weak,. . . or in this case those who don’t resemble the rest of the society. . . is the world that hopeless nowadays.

    1. Someone says it THANK YOU. Really what is the matter with all you people making fun of someone because they don’t have the ideal body shape. . . not everyone is the same just in case you have yet to receive the memo. So take your rude ass comments and use your imagination to shove it. That woman doesn’t have to look beautiful to be beautiful. Thankfully there are people like barbie who don’t just see the person for who they are on the outside. . .What has this world come to, its sick and makes me sad. Hope you are all satisfied when something like this happens to you. It may not be now, but one day. Thank you barbie

  5. The woman standing up is the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I’ve seen. yes a WOMAN NOT A WHALE. She is more brave than I could ever be getting up in morning just to face the rude people of the world like you. At least she has enough courage to look at herself in the mirror. The same action that I am surprised you can do after you treat people like dirt based on only one thing, whats on the outside. I could rant on about this, but I’ve already posted many comments already and I’m afraid I’m wasting my time. Why, because people never change. Even if I were to change a persons mind there are hundreds more that just don’t care.

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